Hint: “Or a cool and you will lonely lovely thing of beauty?

Hint: “Or a cool and you will lonely lovely thing of beauty?

P1. Art/Culture:, Born when you look at the Brighton, United kingdom, for the 1872, Dependent on Japanese woodcuts, so it illustrator’s lavish pencil-and-ink pictures helped produce Art Nouveau and Poster Ways. He depicted Edgar Alan Poe’s stories. “Basically have always been not grotesque, I am absolutely nothing.” Hint: The brand new Lion King A good. Charles Dana Gibson B. Aubrey Beardsley C. Henry de- Toulouse-Lautrec D. M. C. Escher

James Rollins C

P2. Geo: Into the 1959, President Eisenhower closed what professional acquisition? Hint: Antipodes are Botswana An excellent. Alaska becomes forty-two th state C. Arizona D.C. residents obtain the straight to choose B. hookup local Their state gets 50 th condition D. Puerto Ricans have the directly to choose

P3. History: Inside the 1911, a beneficial Louvre worker hides for the an effective broom drawer, after strolls aside that have a paint around their coating, and has actually it within his apartment 2 yrs prior to getting trapped trying to sell they. Just what decorate? ” Good. The fresh Scream B. Girl having an effective Pearl Earing C. Mona Lisa D. Starry Evening

P4. Lang: Created within the Dover, New jersey, Seton Hall Columbia graduate, Michigan You. prof., poet, translator, anthologist, writer of kid’s literary works and textbooks on the poetry; Growing toward Love. “I enjoy poems for which you do not actually know whether to laugh otherwise scream.” Stays in MA; 1 st initially was an add on. A. W. S. Merwin B. I. An effective, Richards C. X. J. Kennedy D. W. E. Henley

P5. Lit: Brooklyn, 1937, regarding a great schizophrenic mother, was born in an orphanage “towards the societal vibrant away from a coral reef”, double an effective Pulitzer finalist. 5x a national Book Award finalist, his Canine Soldiers produced Time’s a hundred Best English . Hint: Centered on Dylan “while playing a guitar” An effective. Robert Brick B. Clive Cussler D. Tome Clancy

P6. Music: Red Bank, Nj-new jersey, 1904, so it huge band leader starred cello, introduced all those jazz performers to magnificence, along with such as trademark songs all together O’Clock Plunge and you will elizabeth Highway A beneficial. Amount Basie B. Les Brownish C. Duke Ellington D. Jelly Move Morton

P7. People: Houston, 1938, the united states singer’s The new Casino player is ranked because of the CMT [[Nation Musical Tv) #twenty six among ideal country sounds: “You have understand when you should hold ’em, know when you should fold ’em / Know when to walk away and know when to run …” Hint: Drink kisses. A. Johnny Cash B. Willie Nelson C. Glen Campbell D. Kenny Rogers

P8. Potluck: Bremerton, WA, 1935, expert wrestler, The newest Barefoot Contessa. Hint: eight to have Hawthorne A beneficial. Terri Runnels B. Nancy Benoit C. Erica Porter D. Judy Grable

A. Oscar Robinson B

9. Quotations: “A person was unfinished until he or she is partnered, in which he is fully gone.” An excellent. Marilyn Monroe B. Mae Western C. Madonna D. Zsa Zsa Gabor

P10. Sci/Tech: Pittsburgh, 1888, found a cheap way to make steel by injecting air into molten iron. A. Henry Bessemer B. Carl Siemens C. William C. Kelly D. Basil Brooke Hint: Clown, Weary Willie

P11. Sports: Philadelphia, 1936, Harlem Globetrotter, the actual only real NBA member so you’re able to score a hundred situations in the a-game, MVP Rookie of the season in the same season. HoF top. Hint: who demands Czechoslovakia? Wilt Chamberlain C. Costs Russell D. Michael jordan

P12. Screen: Wallingford, Berkshire, Uk, 1916, recognized in the LSE the guy switched in the last second on the Royal Academy out of Remarkable Artwork, became a busy reputation star, in addition to half dozen James Bond video in which the guy performs Frederick Gray, the fresh Minister regarding Safeguards. Hint: Happy Desserts in between. Good. Geoffrey Keen B. Ian Richardson C. Christopher Lee D. Ian Carmichael

13. A lot more Credit: How many earths you’ll match sunlight? Hint: Dan berlain Good. 1 million B. 1.step three billion C. step 1.6 mil D. step one.9 mil