Carlos says to them that he you will know an area which is discover now

Carlos says to them that he you will know an area which is discover now

The new 122 gets to new cover one collapsed that is for the flames when it strike a good gaz line if it fell. Carlos tells Head Andrews which they made it someone aside nevertheless they need to get individuals to another protection. Judd intervenes and you will says he called the warming facilities and you will they have been most of the chock-full and safeguards is not unlock for another cuatro days. He will bring people on furniture store your company welcomes in order to spare since the a safeguards. Carlos is surprised whenever Tommy, TK and you may Nancy arrive at the furniture shop since the guy named having incisions and you will bruises and you will don’t assume dispatch to deliver an ambulance for a personal providers here. TK tells your the area is spread slim today. Carlos initiate stuttering when he attempts to give her or him a location in which capable remain. The owner of a shop incisions your away from and you can tells him they can establish regarding dining room display. Tommy requires Carlos just how many everyone is truth be told there, and he tells that there’s twenty-five city residents and you may 3 church volunteers. Nancy asks your in the event the they are considering they truly are all the environmentally friendly mark but Carlos was realising that another person’s missing. He informs the latest paramedics as much and you will actually leaves less than TK’s concerned gaze. Carlos runs so you’re able to Judd, Paul and you can Mateo to share with her or him that a person continues to be trapped to the, a teen voluntary entitled Lindsey. Paul tells him that they had an inventory and you may Carlos feedback you to definitely she was the one in charge of record so she failed to count herself. Afterwards, the guy will bring Lindsey’s parents to the 122 and you can 129 in which it thank the fresh new firefighters to help save yourself their daughter.

A nurse forces Carlos out of the way whenever you are he or she is as well worried about TK

From inside the “Slim Ice”, Nancy requires Carlos ahead off right here if in case he scoffes in the “normal TK” telling him the guy wants to chat as long as he is regarding the ICU once not having talked so you can Carlos for the weeks, she informs your you to TK didn’t indeed ask so you’re able to radio Carlos now. Carlos says to this lady one to she told you he wished your here and Nancy reactions that it was a rest. Carlos begins to inquire the lady why she would lay about that however, they have been interrupted of the boy’s – Abe – mom which asks Nancy if the woman is one of many paramedics just who save your self their boy. Nancy says one she’s therefore the mother says to this lady that this woman is a champion. Nancy feedback one to she actually, the newest character is “this lady friend TK” just who went towards the pool to keep the lady son. Nancy requires the mother how was Abe starting and you will she reactions one he will make the full healing and therefore she wishes them to learn how thankful she’s in their eyes and therefore they might be every praying having TK. Shortly after she’s moved, Carlos requires Nancy how severe it’s and you will Nancy reactions that it is far from good and that Tommy is through your medical professional correct today, having the current reports. Tommy arrives out of TK’s room assuming Nancy asks the woman what the doc state, Tommy answers that they have to find Owen, implying that TK’s status isn’t good at every.

Carlos asks their what’s going on while the doc informs him that TK’s pulse rate is too sluggish hence he could be honestly bradycardic

Inside “Treat and you may Thaw”, Carlos is actually resting at the TK’s bedside whenever TK’s display begins beeping prior to standing up when a health care provider and you can nursing assistant come into. Your doctor informs the fresh new nursing assistant to help you starts moving Epi and to score a crash cart in the space. Carlos asks the girl in the event the TK are going to be okay and you may your medical professional pushes him out from the area so that they can perform work.