I fear it was wrong, though expedient

I fear it <a href="https://cashbonus.org/payday-loans-nc/">online payday loans in NC</a> was wrong, though expedient

Well, Mr. Lockwood, I argued and complained, and flatly refused him fifty times; but in the long run he forced me to an agreement. I engaged to carry a letter from him to my mistress; and should she consent, I promised to let him have intelligence of Lintons next absence from home, when he might come, and get in as he was able: I wouldnt be there, and my fellow-servants should be equally out of the way. Was it right or wrong? I thought I prevented another explosion by my compliance; and I thought, too, it might create a favourable crisis in Catherines mental illness: and then I remembered Mr. Edgars stern rebuke of my carrying tales; and I tried to smooth away all disquietude on the subject, by affirming, with frequent iteration, that that betrayal of trust, if it merited so harsh an appellation, should be the last. Continue reading “I fear it was wrong, though expedient”